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On 03 November, 2002, 75 ft. Diameter Huge Rangoli drawn by Rangvalli Parivar's 25 rangoli artists Supervised and Main Anchors Mr. Ved Katti and Mr. Kishor Thakre in just 5 hours with 9 different colors using 125 kg. of color and 150 kg. of white rangoli powder, celebrating the festival of Lights using 51 Diyaas around the Huge Rangoli by Students, Staff & Commitee Members and Sr. Founder member Sau. Vimaltai Karve, on the occassion of Golden Jublee of Saraswati Mandir Trust, Naupada, Thane.
This may be the biggest Ra ngoli ever drawn in the world.

Saraswati Mandir Trust - 75 ft. diameter Big Rangoli.

On the occasion of Gudi-Padwa a Hindu new year celebration (wed. 2nd April 2003) a huge Rangoli of 101 ft. diameter drawn in Goandevi Maidan, Thane to create holy and Happy atmosphere, 80 Rangoli artist drawn this Rangoli in 5hrs with 150 kg. of rangoli powder and 200 kg of color in different shades.

Rangoli as Huge Carpet in 111 sq. mtr. ( i.e. 3700 sq.ft.) drawn on the completion of 110 years to educational institute M. H. High School, Thane. On 11th Nov. 2003 with 11 rangoli artists in 4hrs, inspired by Shri Ballukaka Pendse a senior member of the institute.

Deepotsav a Festival of Lights celebrated in Dnyaneshwar Mandir, Panchpakhadi, Thane on Thursday 23 Oct. 2003. The Rangoli had a rectangular shape as Carpet in size of 25ft.x50ft., 25 rangoli artists drawn this rangoli in just 4 hrs. with 100. kg. Of Rangoli powder and 75 kg.of Color with 13 color shades. Rangvalli Parivar Thane and Shri Dnyandev Seva Mandal Thane celebrated this Deepotsav together with lighting 501 candles around the Rangoli. Inspired by Sau. Sheela & Shri Vaman (Dada) Marathe.

Hindu new year 'Gudi-Padwa' (21st March 2004) celebrated with drawing biggest rangoli of the world i.e. 15000 sq.ft. in square shape at Goandevi Maidan Thane with 75 rangoli artists in just 5 hrs. Additional 3 hrs for just marking the area of actual rangoli. The material required in quantity was 300 kg Rangoli powder and 350 kg of color in 13 different shades. The rangoli powder and color was sponsored by Mr. Ravi Prabhudesai M.D. of Pitambari Marketing P. Ltd. Entire Mumbai and Thane people were thrilled to see such a big Rangoli ever drawn on the floor The Kaupineshwar Sanskrutik Sameeti Thane has taken special note of this event.

Annual Gathering of Jindal Steel Ltd. In Bellary, Karnataka plant. Celebrated with huge Rangoli of 25 ft. diameter drawn in front of temple. Mrs. Sangeeta Jindal and entire Jindal Group appreciated the decoration of Rangoli.

It is a Carpet Rangoli, drawn on the occasion of Diwali with only colored rangoli pawder and colors. The event was celebrated in Dnyandev Seva Mandal, Thane with the citizens in the city with lights and crackers on Dhantrayodashi the first day of Deepavali.

On the occasion of Gudi Padwa 2005 ( a Indian New Year ) Rangvalli Parivar Thane drawn the Huge Rangoli of 16000 sq. ft. in size at Gavdevi Maidan Thane West with the help of 80 artists in eight hours using 1200 kg of colors ( 14 shades ) and 1000 kg of rangoli powder.

Celebrating Deepavali with festival of Lights and Rangoli is special event by Rangvalli Parivar all the time. This year colorful strips with beautiful diya in 1500 sq. ft. size drawn by Rangvalli's artists on Dhanteras of Diwali season in 2005 at Dnyaneshwar temple Panchpakhadi, Thane west

In the variouse places of the city Rangvalli Parivar has celebrated the Deepavali with Huge Rangoli and lights around the Rangoli. The Size of the rangol is 1500 sq. ft. drawn on Diwali 2005 at vijaynagari annex, ghodbandar road, thane west.

Nearly 17000 sq ft Rangoli with the theme of 'Chaitrangan' drawn in Goandevi Maidan Thane west on the eve of Gudi-Padwa in the month of April 2006.100 artists completed this rangoli in just 12 hours.

Deepotsav 2006- On the occasion of Diwali i.e. Dhantrayodashi (19th October 2006) different strokes of Rangoli with free hand design shown in this Huge Carpet Rangoli by Rangvalli Artists, the main concept behind this design was of Mr. Rajan Shirodkar and Mr. Kishor Thakre and theme of Deepotsav has been produced by Mr. Ved Katti. The event was joint venture of Shri Dnyandev Seva Mandal Thane and Rangvalli Parivar Thane.

Deepotsav - to celebrate fesival of light in Diwali 2006 Rangvalli artists drawn such a beautiful Rangoli at Ghodbunder Thane.

Huge Rangoli of 18000 sq ft drawn with the help of dots connected to make such different design as dotted rangoli is one of the traditional Rangoli, a we draw group rangoli, portrait rangoli, flower rangoli in many ways but we just can't forget the traditional one. Artists of Rangvalli Parivar connected nearly 2,50,000 (2.5lacs) dots to make such huge rangoli. 100 rangoli artists, two and half months practice, nearly 24 hours to draw this rangoli material used is 1500 kg of Rangoli powder,2000 kg of different colors. The venue of this rangoli was at Goandevi Maidan Thane west, drawn in the month of March 2007 on the eve of Gudi-Padwa. The theme was developed by Mrs. Suma, Mayuri, Veena of Rangvalli.

Deepotsav 2007- The Festival of Lights and the celebration of joy with colors and Rangoli on the occasion of Diwali. The artists of Rangvalli Parivar Thane produced a unique style tribal art 'Warli' in the form of Rangoli on the eve of Diwali (Dhantrayodashi) i.e.7th November 2007. The celebration of this occasion was combinely done by Shri Dnyandev Seva Mandal Thane and Rangvalli Parivar Thane. The theme behind this Rangoli was from Mr. Kailash Bhavar (original tribal artist) and all Rangoli Artists of Rangvalli Parivar.

Gudi Padwa 2008 - Since six year Rangvalli Parivar Thane celebrates Gudi Padwa (i.e. Hindu New Year) drawing Huge Rangoli in ground of the city. To enhance the atmosphere and make it purely auspecious the occasion this year Rangvalli drawn the Huge Rangoli of 20,000 sq. ft. in Maxi Ground, Kalyan on the eve of Gudi Padwa (i.e. on 3rd April 2008) with 100 artists in association with Kalyan Sankruti Manch, Kalyan. The theme of Rangoli was 'Shri Yantra' the auspecious seat of goddess Laxmi. and the concept behind drawing this subject in the form of Rangoli was by Mr. Ashok Savant who is a chief of Kalyan branch of Rangvalli Parivar.

Gudi Padwa 2010, the artist have developed a different sense of creativity in Rangoli form, this year a concept drawing huge artistic curvature (kuiry) containing the traditional symbols like Shankh, Chakr, Gada, Padm, Trishul, Kalash, Shrifal, Parashu, Vishnupaad, Laxmipaad, Dhanushy-baan, Dhwaj, Deepak, Swastik, Ashtdal, Padm along with the 13 shades of colors, nearly 75 artist drawn this 21,000 sq ft rangoli in just 8hrs. to create holy atmosphere on the eve of Gudi Padwa (14-16 March 2010)

Every year on the eve of Gudi Padwa the artists of the Rangvalli Parivar eager to perform the art of Rangoli to create happy and holy atmosphere well in advance. 16,000 sq ft Rangoli was drawn by 75 artists in 8 hours with traditional symbols and colors. The festival was celebrated during 2-4 April 2011 by all citizen and art lovers of Thane. Zee entertainment was a sponsored this Rangoli.

21st March 2012 (Gudi Padwa on 23rd March) as usual all artists were ready rock on the floor for 16,000 sq ft Rangoli performance. The concept of this rangoli being little different, containing 20 almond shape with 8 decorative fish and many new designs were incorporated. 75 artists completed the rangoli in just 6 hours with 1000 kg of colors (13 shades) and 1000 kg of rangoli powder. The performance was carried in Gavdevi Maidan, Thane. This event was jointly orgenised by Rangvalli, Vishwas Samajik Sanstha under banner of Kaupineshwar Sanskrutik Nyas Thane on the occasion of Gudi Padwa..

This Rangoli of 25,000 sq ft Record Breaking Rangoli drawn on 22nd 2012 on the occasion of Hindu Nav Varsh i.e. Gudi Padwa (23rd March 2012) Rangvalli Parivar & branch of Shivsen Shakha at Gorai, Borivali in Mumbai. Biggest ever drawn on the floor. Nearly 100 artists performed to draw this rangoli in just 8 hours jointly orgenised to make happy and holy atmosphere to welcome New Year in different way. Mr. Vivek Mali took lead role in this event.

Gudi Padwa 31st March 2014
100 artists of RangRasik drew a Calligraphic Huge Rangoli of 16,000 sq. ft. with traditional saree designs at one corner and calligraphy at another, with various fluent letters strokes and at the base 12 Sun Names in arch supported by 12 pillars as institute completed 12 years. in Gavdevi Ground, Thane

Gudi Padwa 21st March 2015
Rangoli  with theme 'Asht-Laxmi'  ('Shri Yantra' the auspicious seat of goddess Laxmi) at the centre and names with calligraphy drawn with 75 artists, Concept by Mr. Ved at Gavdevi Maidan, Thane

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